Main mistakes made by people taking testosterone replacement therapy

I am aware of the considerable amount of omissions caused by people receiving testosterone replacement therapy. A few failures have really affected their personal satisfaction or have led men to abruptly suspend testosterone. These are some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen:

Use of “road sources” of testosterone: I met many men whose specialists do not reinforce their use of testosterone boosters ; They get it in the underground market or in a person in their recreation center. It is illegal Testosterone is designated as a controlled substance under the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 and was transferred to Schedule III.

It is administered by the Drug Control Agency (DEA). A specialist can legally approve it, but it is illegal to use it without medication. Know that buying or using testosterone without legitimate recourse can have legal results. The use of testosterone and its related particles (anabolic steroids) is prohibited in the United States for people without drug discovery who legitimize its use (eg, weakness, waste, hypogonadism). In the case, after reading this book despite everything you would choose for testosterone to work for profit, make sure you can install sources that can alert the DEA of your purchase. Similarly, providing testosterone, whether you have a remedy or not, is not legal. More or less: just use testosterone after a doctor has given you a solution and does not import it from different countries.

The use of testosterone “on the road” is also dangerous. Nobody realizes what these objects can contain. Some supposed testosterone products may contain essentially walnut oil, not peel, sesame or grape seed. It can also have contaminants that can cause diseases.

The fact that a specialist does not perform the blood test is an effective way to put him in a bad position! If you have low testosterone levels, many specialists will recommend a testosterone replacement therapy (remember the area in the Appendix for the indices). If you use testosterone to increase volume or improve athletic performance despite having regular testosterone levels, consider and investigate as much as you can. In addition, it would be ideal if you examined the data in this book about the medical effects of stopping testosterone (if you use illegal testosterone on the market, there is a good chance that your source will end up escaping).

Do not investigate which testosterone option is best for you: since there is a group of alternatives to testosterone, it is important that you need this investment to really discover what is best for you. Some elements are involved in choosing the best testosterone exchange option for you.

These include cost, the inclusion of protection, comfort, an inclination for daily use, week after week, lack of time to adhere to a severe daily diet, fear of needles and the medical nature of various elements. For example, some health programs of the board association (HMO) pay for testosterone injections because they are the least expensive solutions.

Anyway, some men are afraid of needle sticks and do not like it week after week or every two weeks, which can lead them to see their specialists most of the time (some specialists do not encourage them). not his patients to self-infuse at home). Other men use gels every day, their life is so difficult that it is difficult for them to be pleasantly pleased with the daily treatment.

Some unprotected men and budget methods choose not to seek help because they are unaware that there are unattended aid projects by manufacturers, or how drug intensification can help. To make modest gels and creams with a specialist. remedy (the subtleties in these data are accessible in the Appedix segment). Each choice of testosterone has favorable circumstances and poor services that could be progressively appropriate for one person over another, so read the complementary section on treatment options

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